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We are proud to offer state-of-the-art facilities in clinic, with a spacious, clean and comfortable atmosphere where you are never rushed. Our compassionate and caring team of qualified doctors comes with extensive clinical experience in their respective fields.

We match the quality of service you need with the relaxing atmosphere you want.


At the health focus we understand that body part X-ray, CT- Scan, MRI show clear changes in bones but these are not real reason of pain. Many of the time changes in function due to inflammation, injury of a neuromuscular system is real reason, hence functional assessment of evaluation is important.



The first visit will involve writing down a detailed description of problem, general health and medication taken by individual.

We ask your problems your detail, how it started and when, and how it progressed.

We listen to your explanation and ask detailed questions to help us understand the extent and nature of your problems.

We check your medical records referral by  physician. X- ray CT-SCAN/ MRI and hospital discharge reports.

Following a detailed history, we examine you physically accordingly, so well-informed clinical diagnosis can be made.

We provide hands on treatment /modality/ or exercise therapy within the first –

appointment to get you stated on your road to recovery. We send you on a path to  recovery through well planned selective therapy.



We follow with subsequent visits, provide planned treatment with an ongoing assessment required changes in treatment.

 We provide with detailed education plans and an explanation of your medical condition in simple words.

We advise and practice customized exercises and home program during and upon completion of treatment.

Ongoing support even after completion of treatment.

Patient education and instruction, to prevent future recurrence of the medical condition.


At  Health Focus and REHAB Clinic we offer a wide range of treatment-Techniques/PROCEDURES,

to suit each persons need. Whatever your problems need be neck pain/ knee pain/ an acute injury /post stroke paralysis. We have the skills to help you improve your pain and movement assisting you in your rehabilitation and recovery.

We use a combination of treatment techniques include “hands on therapy” as soft  tissue manipulation personlized rehab plan, excessive and lots of advice and education.

The aim is to be the best Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic in Nirman Vihar / Preet Vihar, Vikas Marg, East Delhi area with a professional caring and personalized approach.

We work in close consultation with your referring physician/Dr., to get best relief of your problems n symptoms.


                                     ---- TREATMENT TECHNIQUES ----



Procedures are the techniques which are performed with hands on therapy  on patients or stating that Therapist does treatment by performing exercises, mobilizations by in close contact with patients.


Modalities are the techniques when an equipment is used to treat patient for the purpose to relieve pain, increase blood supply, decrease swelling.


  1. Exercises

  2. Manual Therapy

    • Spine n Joint Mobilization/ Manipulations

    • McKenzie Method

    • Soft Tissue Mobilizations

    • Myofascial Release --MFR's

    • Mullign/ Maitland Technique  

  3. Kinesiology Taping and Strapping

  4. Dry Needling

  5. IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization)

  6. Neuromuscular Therapy



Modalities (Physical) are physical agents that produce a specific therapeutic response. We use most commonly used physical modalities including heat (superficial and deep heat), cold, sound, electricity, mechanical forces and light.

1. Superficial heat

Commonly used superficial heat modalities include:

  • Hot packs,

  • Heating pads,

  • Paraffin bath,

  • Infrared

The heat penetration is usually less than 1 cm

2. Deep heat

Deep heat modalities include:

  • Ultrasound,

  • Shortwave diathermy (SWD),


  • Tecar. 

Heat penetration can be 3-5 cm or more without overheating underlying subcutaneous tissue or skin.

CLASS 3B LASER, 1200MW      CLASS 4 - 150000MW   

3. Cryotherapy

Common cold modalities include:

  • Cold packs,

  • Ice massage,

  • Cold baths,

  • Vapocoolant sprays,

  • Cold compression units

These modalities lower local tissue temperature.

4. Electrotherapy

  • This modality uses electricity to stimulate nerve or muscle for reducing swelling swelling , pain, reducing muscle and brain function. This is also used for strengthening the muscles. 

  • Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Interferential Therapy (IFT),

  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES),

  • H-WAVE Therapy,


  • Lontophoresis.


5. Light therapy  

  • Soft LASER

    • Low level energy Laser therapy (LLLT) uses low-powered laser light to produce a biological response in tissue. It is classified as CLASS 3B LASER . Now high powered lasers are also used for physiotherapy treatment classified as class 4.



    Other therapy programmes offered:  

  • Biofeedback

  • Antenatal exercises during pregnancy & Post-natal execrcises after delivery( kegel exercises)

  • Pelvic floor Dysfunction

  • Healing By Nutrition

  • Orthotics Prescription

  • Education and Advice

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