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  • What Diseases And Conditions Does Physiotherapy Treat?
    The most common cases are physical trauma, injury, arthritis, medical, orthopaedic medical and surgical, neurological, vitamin deficiency chemical toxins. Sometimes there may be a combination of these and other factors.
  • Do I Have To Be Referred By A Doctor?
    No, physiotherapists can assess and treat without referral by a doctor.
  • What Do I Need To Bring?
    Be prepared to provide your previous medical or surgical history. PLEASE bring scan/MRI reports, and list of medication. You may wish to bring shorts and t-shirt, loose clothing or loose pajamas Bring a smile and a positive attitude, you will be required to participate in your treatment program in a positive way, to get the best and quickest result.
  • What If I Don't Have Pain When I Come In?
    Physiotherapy is not a COMBIFLAM. Repeated visits, even when you are feeling better, can help retrain and strengthen the muscles that support your spine. Just as it takes more than one or two workouts at the gym to get in shape, it takes time for your spine to heal.
  • How Can Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation Help Me?
    Our personal approach ensures that anyone can benefit from detail assessment/diagnosis, treatment and education. Any person suffering with pain, stiffness, neurological disorder and other miscellaneous can benefit from physiotherapy treatment after detailed physiotherapy evaluation.
  • What To Expect During The Visit ?
    Better focus, better concentration, Improved reaction time, Injury rehabilitation, Increased power, Improved balance and proprioception.
  • How Long Will It Take?
    Some patients enjoy results quickly. Others notice a slow decline in their symptoms by physiotherapeutic care. It’s impossible to predict.
  • How Many Sessions Of Physiotherapy Treatment Will It Take To Get Better?
    Each individual has different requirement, most person benefit from physiotherapy initial treatment and 8 to 10 follow up treatment. At times, some people will feel the benefit from 1st treatment session. At times if one has a long-term condition then long term physiotherapy treatment may be indicated but less regularly to suit individual needs. If u have had chronic pain for many years, improvement can take time.
  • How Often Do I Need Physiotherapy?
    Initially it may be regularly for 1st week to 2ndweek, after 2 or 3 times a week and gradually once a week After sufficient level of improvement discharge with good advice and education.
  • Am I Too Old For Physiotherapy?
    No way, the age range of person we have treated with vary from 3 month to 90 years old. We are very happy to treat a person of all ages and background.
  • Does Physiotherapy Hurts?
    When we work with a person who have painful conditions, it may be uncomfortable to treat them, we are sensitive to the pain and discomfort try to treat our patients with TLC (tender, loving, care) and gentleness.
  • What If Physiotherapy Does Not Work?
    Headaches and neck pain may be common, but they are not normal. Every pain has a cause. If we are unable to find and correct the cause of your pain we can refer you to other specialist who may be able to help. Your health is our only goal.
  • Will I Need Physiotherapy Care Forever?
    After patients get the relief they want, many choose to continue with some type of periodic care. These physiotherapy “checkups” can help support the final stages of healing and help detect and resolve new problems before they become serious. How long you want to receive physiotherapy care is up to you.

Remember we are helping you to help yourself.





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